Baldwin Cup 2011

Originally Posted April 10, 2011 BALDWIN CUP 2011 April 8 – 10, 2001 Newport Beach, California – After three days of intense team racing with conditions ranging from glassed off...READ MORE

New Boats for New Sailors - Huntington Beach Sailing Foundation

W.D. Schock Corp will be partnering with Huntington Beach Sailing Foundation to build new Sabots to replace some in the current fleet that are over 40 years old. The Huntington Harbor Yacht Club has offered youth...READ MORE

A Gondolier, his Sister, and Grandpa's Boat

This sailor's fable concerns a charming gondolier, his beautiful sister, and Grandpa's long lost sailboat. It is a tale of years of searching across a continent. A tale of struggle...READ MORE

Santana 20s Ready for Another Close Finish - 2014 Class Championships

Santana 20s on Fern Ridge Reservoir, Eugene, OR Photo courtesy of Richard Johnson Last year's Santana 20 Class Championship was an extremely close race, with most competitors finishing within a minute or two...READ MORE

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