Welcome Florida!

Welcome Florida to the East/West

This year is the first East/West Regatta to welcome participants from Florida.

Florida Daysail - VIDEO
Florida Comes to Newport

New fleet in Charlotte Harbor, Florida will be making their class debut at the East/West regatta hosted in Newport, CA this year. We are very excited to welcome this great group of sailors.

The Floridian Harbor 20 sailors are a fun crowd and will be a welcomed addition to this year's inter-fleet festivities. They understand the importance of bonding in sailing.
Boats can have a million features, but the best way to attract sailors is to make sailing simple. This makes the Harbor 20 the perfect one design boat. Even those who have never been on a boat can jump in and have a blast! 
The annual East/West Regatta is a perfect example of this core principle of fleet building. We move people, not boats. The hosting fleet provides the boats, shelter, and entertainment. The visiting fleets just show up and have a great time. This year, with the addition of Florida, is bound to be better than the prior years.

East / West 2014
Santa Barbara East/West Party Weekend - VIDEO
The 2014 East/West Regatta was hosted by Santa Barbara, filled with beach dance parties, jazzy parades, and twilight magic.
New Orleans style "Second Line" celebration - VIDEO

Where else but a Harbor 20 Regatta can you exchange sailing tips with an Olympian, dance with a Starlet, & dine with an Industry Mogul ?  

The Harbor 20 is the most actively sailed keelboat on the continent for a reason. When Harbor 20 sailors get together you know it will be legendary.  
Sailors from across the country came together in Santa Barbara to sail the sportboat with cupholders over the Labor Day weekend, 2014.  


Sailing fans were eager to confirm the hype and rumors about Santa Barbara native hospitality.  

Sailors were asking if any regatta could possibly fulfill the promises of most fun hosts, skies of cerulean blue, and dancing on the beach.  Their questions were answered positively. 
Santa Barbara has a touch of glam courtesy of their fantastic party planner, Chanel Salzer-Chadock.
Harbor 20 fleets take turns hosting this marvelous event every year. Each fleet has a chance to show off their culture and hospitality. For 2015, Harbor 20 sailors traveled to scenic South Carolina for an epic weekend.
East / West 2015
2015 East/West Regatta was hosted in Hilton Head, where participants enjoyed live music, gorgeous sunsets, and Southern hospitality.

October 23-25, 2015 was an epic weekend for Harbor 20 sailors at South Carolina Yacht Club, or SCYC. Each year, Harbor 20 sailors from across the country get together to participate in the East/West Challenge, a 3-day sailing fun fest with a format unique to Harbor 20s. 

Hilton Head Sunset
East/West participants may look competitive on the water, but they're all great friends when sharing Southern BBQ and drinks on the patio. Sailors are a diverse crowd from around the country, but this event allows them to come together as one big family. 
Hilton Head, SC
The South is not one to be outdone in hospitality. All participants and their spouses, plus an additional 40 volunteers saw to it that this was a truly amazing weekend, with a party every night.
Domenico De Sole's Home
The weekend concluded with Sunday's Award Ceremony held in Elenore and Domenico DeSole's lovely home. The De Sole's hospitality is famous among East Coast Harbor 20 sailors. 
2016 will bring exciting changes for the East/West as Florida is officially welcomed into the ranks. This year, Harbor 20 sailors will be enjoying sunshine and Newport Harbor style parties. 
East / West 2016
Newport will be hosting this year's East/West Regatta September 30 through October 2nd. They have a full party schedule lined up. 
NHYC will be a great venue with plenty of patio and dock seating facing the harbor so visitors can catch up over a drink between races.
Given Newport's experience hosting the famous Baldwin Cup, we are confident this year's East/West will be an event you won't want to miss.
Sailors everywhere are excited to attend another amazing weekend together. It will provide a great opportunity to bond with the Floridian sailors and swap stories from the past year.

Getting to know the Florida Fleet
The Florida fleet has been promoting themselves with a Bi-annual Harbor Day at Isles Yacht Club. As a result, they are adding new club boats and have been spreading the word through fun afternoons. 
Harbor 20 days feature margaritas, which is a great way to mix things up after a nice sail on a hot day. The automatic Margarita machine pictured above puts in overtime after every regatta. 
Fleet volunteers keep the drinks flowing and make sure everyone feels welcome. 
Boat rigging at Isles Yacht Club
Boat rigging at Isles Yacht Club - VIDEO
Participants can also meet boat owners at the docks of Isles Yacht Club for Social Sailing Wednesdays. It includes a nice afternoon in the comfy Harbor 20.

Dockside Service is a Florida tradition 
Florida Clubs even provide dockside service for sailors so they don't have to interrupt the fun.
IYC Harbor 20 Program - VIDEO
IYC Harbor 20 Program - VIDEO
After the sailing session, they all meet up at the club for dinner and cocktails. The fleet went on 200 sails with 60 regulars over the last year, which has given them some great exposure.
We wish the Florida sailors fair winds in their first East/West regatta, it is sure to be a great weekend for all!