Swift, Strong, Safe H25

San Francisco Sailing

Grueling 2 day race or pleasant casual daysail? Who can tell the difference in a boat this smooth?

Great Vallejo Race - VIDEO
Great Vallejo Race - VIDEO
Love speed, strength, AND comfort? These Harbor 25 sailors do. Whether participating in a two day regatta, or simply daysailing in 25 knot winds, these sailors don't need to break a sweat.
Bill Sewall, seen in the video, also loves to take his grandchildren sailing in his Harbor 25. Safe enough for precious cargo, fast enough to run with the big boats, and strong enough to cleave through the notorious waves of San Francisco Bay effortlessly. Why compromise when one boat fits all needs?
Daysailing in 25 knot winds
San Francisco Bay is known for choppy waves, icy water, and challenging winds not recommended for the faint of heart. Luckily, the Harbor 25 has deep sides, a stabilizing keel, and easy-to-manage sail controls making it easy for one or two people to do the work of several.
Easier load, secure cockpit, and comfy seats makes the Harbor 25 a delight to sail. Confidence in the boat's ability to withstand rough conditions and excellent safety features makes this a great boat.

Harbor 25s are great for the whole family to enjoy. Call the factory if you would like more information: (951)277-3377

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