Schock Big Boat Revival

2016 has been filled with excitement for the Schock 35 class. This One Design fleet has been gaining traction with some good old fashioned fun.

Schock 35 - VIDEO
Schock 35 - VIDEO

Rebirth of a Classic

A couple of years ago, a gentleman contacted us for help finding like-minded sailors. He had just acquired a classic Schock 35 and was looking for some camaraderie to go with it. We connected him to a few sailors we knew of, and the fleet has be growing ever since. 

What started off as an email chain between a few interested sailors has grown to a consistent 7 boats this year. They are anticipating additional growth in next year's regattas as the word spreads.

They have had a terrific year, participating in various regattas together and building relationships with their crew and each other. Here are just a few highlights from their year.


Schock 35 class kicked off the year with a very exciting Midwinter Regatta. The top boats were all within 3 points of each other, making it a very close call. The third race almost finished them off, but Strategem managed to steal the lead with some excellent sailing in the Sunday races.

Long Beach Race Week

The Schock 35 One Design fleet made their debut at Long Beach Race Week 2015. This is an amazing event, with parties every night and tons to do in the neighboring area. 
The winds kept everyone guessing who the winner would be, as each crew performs differently under changing conditions. Code Blue even lost a crew member overboard while turning around a weather mark. Many thought this would slow them down. However, they were able to bring him back on board unharmed and finish strong to take the win. Read more about it.
King Harbor Race Week

Held in beautiful Redondo Beach, this Fall regatta is a great experience. KHYC  offers a scenic venue, free beer and tacos, rum tasting, live music, and tons of fun. The Schock 35 crowd had a blast sailing, or hanging out on the docks with their buddies. Regattas are always a great reunion. 
Rum tasting, courtesy of Mt. Gay Rum, is a favorite among sailors
This Class is growing by leaps and bounds. To connect with this fun group of sailors you can contact 

Ted Thompson: 
or Bob Marcus: