Sailing Before You Know It

Snow on the ground ?

First Regatta of the Season is around the corner - Video
First Regatta of the Season is around the corner - Video

Low temps and salty roads may dampen the sailor spirit, but we're looking forward to a great 2017 season. 


Sunshine in our hearts
Every winter, when the boats are all put away and the waterline is bare, the sailor spirit hibernates. Dreams of Summers-past sail through endless seas while future adventures lay in wait.

Wise sailors know that winter is for more than dreaming of warm Summer days on the water. It is the perfect time to prepare for the big season coming up. The highlights of the season are just a few months away, and it's best to get into shape during down time.

With the holidays behind us, it will be Spring before we know it!
The next few months will zip right by.

The sailing spirit will be beckoning us to the water at the first sign of sunshine, whether our boats are ready or not.
The first sail of the season as sweet as a kiss, especially when shared with those we love.

This is especially true when we kick off the season in a brand new beauty. W.D. Schock Corp. offers complementary storage for new boats completed during winter to protect them from harsh conditions.
Don't be left on the docks this Spring, make sure to order your new boat early to get the most out of sailing season.
To order a new boat, 
please call W.D. Schock Corp. at (951)277-3377
or email
Your friends will thank you!
Meanwhile, dress warm and think of how soon you can be sailing again !