Sail With Someone You Love



 Class Champs: Sail with someone you love
Harbor 20 racers close out the season with a bang. Three back to back weekends of races including the Nation-wide East vs. West, Class Championships, and BYC Club Championships. 

H20 Fall Championships - VIDEO
H20 Fall Championships - VIDEO

For the East v West Regatta, the best Harbor 20 sailors from around the country came out to Newport Beach for an epic weekend full of sailing, parties, and camaraderie.
Leeann's First Championship


Harbor 20s are easy to learn and rewarding to master. This year was LeeAnn's first time racing in the Harbor 20 championships. She crewed with her boyfriend, Walter in the A-class races. They had a fun and exciting Championship weekend.

Leeann has only been in California a few years and is becoming acquainted with the ocean in a way that only sailing can teach you. Here are a few words about her experience.

How long have you been sailing? Have you raced a Harbor 20 before? 
I've been learning to sail about a year but not continuous for a year.  I've crewed over the last year about 6 events  with Walter Johnson and I've sailed with him during the week a few times. 
What do you feel was the highlight of the weekend? 
I'm from Colorado and moved here 4 years ago so I'm not used to the ocean.  What I really love about sailing is all the complexities and variable conditions. I had no idea how complex sailing is.  This past weekend we had very light wind to a wind to windy.  Highlight for me was I finally learned the rhythm of racing the boat! 


How would you describe the people and environment before and after the races?  
Always a few "hello's" before the race and much more chatty after.  I really love the people in this sport.  You'll always have a few uber competitive people however most [fellow sailors] are very friendly and caring and come from all walks of life. 
What did you find to be the most challenging part of racing in the Championships?  
Wind or lack there of conditions and 16 boats in the A fleet.   Very challenging at the starts and turns.  

What is your favorite feature of the Harbor 20?  
The sails.  I really love looking up a the sails.  Gives me a sense of peace.  
Would you reccomend Harbor 20 sailing to others?  
Do you plan on participating in Harbor 20 races in the future? 
 I do and I certainly want to work harder at the sport to get better. 
A- Class Winners

Congratulations Gale and Jon Pinckney on winning this year's Class Championships!


Gale and Jon have been sailing together for years and make an amazing team on and off the water. They are just one of many Harbor 20 couples that sail together. 4 out of the top 5 A class teams in this year's champs are couples. It's no coincidence, Harbor 20 sailors know that the secret to success is sailing with someone you love.

Here is an excerpt from Gale and Jon's previous winner's statement:

It is important to understand that every regatta is different, and as such it is important to identify ahead of time, if possible, what the keys to success will be. Sometimes setup and tuning for speed are the priority and other times tactics or starting are more important. You could have a deep fleet in which anyone could win or a shallow fleet in which it is a one or two boat show for the win. Every regatta has a different set of circumstances that will determine strategy and success. Once you have correctly identified and committed yourself to the key points for victory, your process for making decisions throughout the regatta has a starting point, more structure, and hopefully you are rewarded with more consistency and better results.

Photo by TomWalker.Photography
BYC Club Champs

Balboa Yacht Club held their championships on October 14-16. 
It was an exciting weekend out on the racecourse, and the last major Harbor 20 regatta of the year in Southern California. These sailors have had a busy season and get an optional break for the holidays.
They do still have Friday Frolic before Midwinters start up in November to take advantage of the mild So. Cal winter.
Whether you're preparing for Midwinters or looking to kick off next season with a new boat, take advantage of our Fall Specials by calling the factory at (951)277-3377 Monday - Thursday.