Pixie Dreams of Daysailing



Pixie Sails a Harbor 20 - Video
Pixie's First Daysailer - Video


Pixie, a longtime Lido 14 sailor,  was wandering through the Long Beach Boat Show filled with flashy boats and eager salesmen. She was casually window shopping when she saw the Harbor 20. With classic lines and comfy cushions, Pixie decided there was no harm in having a seat. 
"...I  just sat in it, just a looky-loo, and I fell in love."

Harbor 20 Dreamsailer
Years passed without any contact with the Harbor 20, but Pixie couldn't get it out of her head. She told everyone all about it, and her friend Kathy was sold on the idea. Kathy bought a new Harbor 20 some time after Pixie's initial encounter. 
Pixie was finally able to sail on a Harbor 20, and it was everything she had been dreaming of for the past 6 years.

"As much as I thought I would like that boat, I loved that boat!"

With her husband and grandchildren cheering from the docks, Pixie was finally racing her dream boat. Her passion is winning the start of a race for that instantly gratifying feel of victory. The rest of the race is just for fun.
The Harbor 20 is
" ... the most comfortable, cruising..."

"... easy-going, fun, picnic, sit back and enjoy life- boat".