Japanese Style Harbor 25

Harbor 25 in Japan gets a redesign
Owner Yasuhisa Mineno has enjoyed sailing his Harbor 25 off the coast of Mikawa-wan, Japan. 
Harbor 25 daysailing off the coast of Japan
Harbor 25 daysailing off the coast of Japan -VIDEO
He has owned his boat for 4 years and still loves to go sailing every week. His Harbor 25 is beautiful, fast, and fun to sail single- handed. 

The boat's name is Japanese for South South West, because it describes the wonderful Summer winds that he loves the best. 
Custom Boat Redesign

Yasuhisa decided to refit portions of the boat with teak wood detailing. 6 months were spent conceptualizing the design, and it took another 6 months to complete. The results are stunning. 

In an interview, he sited the cockpit edge as the most challenging part to customize due to it's curve. But his hard work paid off for this classic look. The teak wood really adds a personal touch with the warm wood tones.  
Yasuhisa feels like the Harbor 25 is a great boat for sailing in Japan. It's fast, smooth, and easy to single hand for a spontaneous afternoon sail. South South West now also has a gorgeous classic look that we just love. He's very excited for the upcoming Summer Sailing.
Loving the look?
Trained W.D.Schock Corp. craftsman can customize your boat with wood trim for both new and retrofitted boats. We have several styles and finishes to choose from for a beautiful, classic look.
Harbor 20 finished with teak transom, console, and accents
For those who love the look of wood but dislike the maintenance, we also offer Maderaglass accents. It has the same classic touch as wood, but is maintained the same as fiberglass. 
Harbor 20 console with Maderaglass accent.