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Sailors have been inspired by the elegant creatures of the ocean for ages. Dolphins in particular are known for their playfulness and grace. These fortunate sailors were able to experience something many people dream about.

Humans and animals alike love the water. Sunny skies, cool breeze, and the gentle sway of waves lure us to the oceans.

Dog, Harbor 25

It is a rare treat to be able to be in close range to majestic sea life. Many people seek out these experiences by visiting aquariums, scuba diving, and whale watching just for the chance to see these amazing animals.


Humans also seek the feeling of gliding through the waves as effortlessly as the dolphins. These racers cleave through the waves, only they get to stay dry in the spacious cockpit.

The sleek classic design of the Harbor series helps achieve that effortlessness even when conditions aren't smooth.


Animals are know for their great instincts, and these dolphins know it's best to explore the ocean with someone you love.