Dogs on Boats

Canine Crew

Everyone knows that dog is man's best friend, but are they really a sailor's best friend? Absolutely!


Dogs Sail into the Sunset
Dogs Sail into the Sunset -VIDEO
Everyone enjoys the feel of a cool breeze in their hair as they look out on the shimmering water, even our furry friends.  

With a gentle wind in the sails and blue sky above, they can soar across the sea to their hearts content.
There is even an Instagram-famous Harbor 20 sailor named #Schnapps_the_dachs. Fans can follow this cutie's sailing adventures on their phones.
Schnapps even likes to take the helm once in a while, under supervision of course. This is possibly the cutest skipper in the class.
Sailing has a strong appeal to many dogs. They enjoy sunbathing with the humans as the boat gently sways on afternoon daysails.
Or they can watch all of the excitement of other boats sailing across the water. Where there is a Harbor 20 fleet, sailing activity is sure to follow. 
Of course, one needs the proper boat that will fit their dog's needs as well. They need something that is stable and comfortable.
Tux getting ready to go sailing
Soaking dogs make for smelly crew members so it is important that they stay dry. Luckily, the Harbor series has nice deep sides that keep all passengers safely inside. 
Schock boats are built with stability in mind to help pets and their owners get their sea legs. But just in case, they also have a comfortable place to sit.
Sailing gives dogs a great opportunity to bond with their humans while seeing the world beyond their yard. Many dogs prefer it to being left at home during trips.
Canine crews are welcome in One Design fleet races. The Harbor 20 is weight insensitive, so there is no handicap to bring your pup onboard during a regatta. 

In fact, they can even bring a friend along. This doggy duo loves to sail together and be in the middle of the action during weekly races.

The cockpit cushions make for a great dog bed. These Spaniels are traveling in comfort and style!

Well organized lines means furry companions won't get tangled or pull stray ropes. Otherwise, a mis-trimmed sail could change course.

The spacious cockpit gives even larger dogs enough space to navigate and lounge comfortably without blocking their humans. 

Dogs are a precious part of our families and we encourage all sailors to observe boating safety as one would with a child.

Lucy loves her new Harbor 20
Do you sail with a canine crew? We would love to see pictures or videos of your favorite pet enjoying sailing. Some may even be featured on our Social Media pages. You can find more pictures of Schnapps_the_Dachs on Instagram.