50 Years of Fun

Tunas Celebrate 50th Anniversary

This year, the Santana 22 class celebrated it's 50th National Championship. What is the Class' secret to keeping it going strong all these years?

S22 Nationals - VIDEO
S22 Nationals - VIDEO

Here is a quick highlight video to recap last year's events.
Santana 22 class celebrated 50 years of camaraderie with their National Championships. Santa Cruz Yacht Club hosted this year and did a beautiful job coordinating the One Design races.

But what is the secret to their longevity? What motivates sailors to invest so much time, energy, and money into one class for half a century?

We spoke to former Fleet Captain Anne Aldercamp to gain some insight to the fleet's success.
What do you enjoy the most about sailing the Santana 22?
"The Santana 22 sails really well in the windy conditions of the San Francisco Bay, I always feel happy and confident on the helm, even in some pretty crazy conditions. My husband and I sail together as much as possible; sailing together as a couple is wonderful!"
 What do you feel is the greatest challenge as a captain of a fleet?

"We have a very diverse fleet, with young & old, experienced & novice, competitive & laid-back skippers and we are trying to keep everyone involved and happy. The other thing is that the boats hail from all over the San Francisco Bay and we barely see each other after the races so it is hard to set up a social structure. We organize some events, including an awards dinner, to at least see each other every now and then."

 Has your involvement in the Santana fleet influenced you as a person?

 "I have made many friends among the other Santana 22 skippers, we are a very friendly and supportive fleet. Also,
skippering a small boat in windy conditions successfully gives a lot of self-confidence."

9.    Is there anything that you feel sailing teaches people?

"Sailboat racing teaches many great life skills in planning & preparing, communications with your crew & competitors, and looking around you before you make a decision."

Great boat, a great group, and great fun seems to be the winning combination to a long lasting fleet. 
Some of these boats are older than their skippers and still going strong, standing up to some of the roughest sailing conditions the seas have to offer.

The Nationals are really an annual family reunion with this great crowd. Sailors are a diverse, fun-loving group that welcome everyone.

This year's Nationals winner was Phil Vandenberg on Maybe. Phil grew up sailing a Schock Thistle. He started sailing Santana 22s 4 years ago thanks to his sailing mentor and two-time Nationals Champ, Ernie Rideout.
Phil decided to join the local Santana 22 fleet due to strong turn outs and bustling activity. He continues because the Santana 22s are "Great boats, easily crewed, and affordable." 

"The regatta was very tight . Past 3 time champ Bob Comstock and Monterey's Kate Conrad were extremely fast. Our boat was the oldest and the simplest rigged. "Maybe" is wet sailed and fast with a 3 day slime! Kudos to tactician Bob Simpkins and foredeck, Rusty Kingon for their performance." 

Congratulations to Phil Vandenberg and Team Maybe on winning the 50th Anniversary Nationals.
Perhaps the biggest secret to class longevity is sharing. That bond that builds between crew is a priceless treasure. How much more amazing is it when you can share it with family and friends? Share your love of sailing with those you love.